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Providing high quality services

Site Planning

Fortis Arbour is the leading builders in Kerala provides the best site planning and design. We provide high-quality services to our customers.

Interior designing

Our team has well and efficient interior designers. worked in both the luxury residential and commercial interior design sectors .

Project Planning

One of the important parts of project management is project planning. To make your project success, project planning plays a major role. 


Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science and proven advice science. Our engineers are giving importance to a person’s health and happiness. 

Land Survey

Fortis Arbour has experienced Surveyors. They are the first people on any construction site, measuring and mapping the land. 

Soil Investigation

Before a foundation is decided, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the soil at the site of construction. 
Pixel Perfect Design

Are you planning to build a home?

need an Architect to hear all your needs and design your dream home?or Do you need a technical support while executing an agreement with your civil contractor?or Do you need support in building rules? Do you need a trusty responsible expert to manage the execution of you civil project? or Do you need a civil technical arbitrator between you and contractor?

Fortis Arbor- The term means strong tree. Yes we are a strong tree that protects clients' all these technical needs in construction projects. 

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